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It's Your City, We're Just Building it...

Value Propositions


Mike McDonald brings 23 years of construction experience and understands every step of the process.


We're here to move communities and neighborhoods forward. We use a future-focused approach in everything we do.


We love what we do and approach it with enthusiasm and energy, helping our customers get excited about the project ahead.


When it comes to construction, we know it's important to have a partner you can trust. We pride ourselves on transparency and ethics.

About Us

Where Experience Meets Innovation

Having a strong sense of community is the lifeblood of any neighborhood.  Whether you’re relaxing in the rolling hills of a suburb or you’re entrenched in big-city life, you always have go-to places that make you feel a part of your community.  Your Office.  Your kid’s School.  The sports bar down the street or the coffee shop on the corner.

All of these commercial properties make your neighborhood your neighborhood.

To keep a sense of community alive, The Mike McDonald Construction Company promises to transform available properties into soon-to-be hallmarks of your neighborhood.  Our construction teams and practices are industry-leading, and we factor the community into the style and purpose of new sites.  After all, it’s your city, we’re just building it.